I am A UX/UI Designer , Developer   and  Fine Artist

(yes - all three)

based in Austin, Texas

Kick Out The Jam

Project Type: iOS Multiplayer Music Game
Client: Game Jam Team Project
My role: Concept Art, Low-Fi Wireframes, Architecture, Mid-Fi Wireframes, Final JavaScript-based Deliverable
Deliverables: Sketches, Low and Mid-Fi Wireframes, Prototypes, Final Deliverable (Developed in JavaScript)

Survey Results: Platform - Computer (Monitor acts as screen) and Console.
Cooperative and Solo Play.
Instruments include a Midi Keyboard and Guitar
Favorite Aspects: Social/Community, Movement, (Ability for) Improvement, Role Playing. Least Favorite Aspects: No Real Payoff for Improvement, Unrealistic, Lack of Creative Agency, Not Forgiving, Poor Storytelling, Repetitive.

Competitive Analysis - Circadia: Strengths - Ties properties of sound to visuals and game mechanics
Weakness - Not educational, solo gameplay

Competitive Analysis - My Singing Monsters: Strengths - Multiple instruments, transparent process for integration
Weakness - solo gameplay, pay-wall

Concept Art - Otamatone Hero:
Concept Art - Amadeus:
Concept Art - Jam:
Concept Art - Abstract:
Paper Prototype User Test with a USB Midi Keyboard: Architecture:
JavaScript Prototype made in Axure: (loading screen, instrument pick, calibrate, solo play, group jam, publish)