I am A UX/UI Designer, Developer and Fine Artist

based in Austin, Texas

Kick Out The Jam

Project Type: Music Video Game Prototype
Client: Game Jam Team Project
My role: Concept Art, Low-Fi Wireframes, Architecture, Mid-Fi Wireframes, Final JavaScript-based Deliverable
Deliverables: Sketches, Low and Mid-Fi Wireframes, Prototypes, Final Deliverable (Developed in JavaScript)

The task was to run a project from initial survey of 100 respondents to final interactive prototype with no initial goal of a final product. The end result was a music-based co-op video game. The result of the survey concluded that players wanted a cooperative game which could also serve as a practice or learning environment to get familiar with playing the keyboard. They wanted it to support solo play while also promoting community engagement and movement. After compiling the survey results, competitive analysis was done on Circadia and My Singing Monsters to pinpoint gaps in our potential audience. The final prototype was made in Axure including a loading screen, instrument pick, calibrate, solo play, group jam, publish.


Concept Art

Paper Prototype User Test with a USB Midi Keyboard

Architectural Mapping