I am A UX/UI Designer, Developer and Fine Artist

based in Austin, Texas


Project Type: Website
Client: Loehmann's
My role: Engineer, Architectural Re-Design, User Journey Studies
Languages: CSS3 (LESS), HTML5, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, Knockout, Orchard Framework

The client's main motivation for signing was that they were not sure if they were targeting the correct audience through their current user flow and needed an analysis done through mapping the journey of their user through the checkout experience. The first step was to do an analysis of their current click-through rates including studying instances of abandoned carts. Once we were able to distinguish the appropriate hot spots we suggested minor architectural changes to open up the checkout process and encourage exploration. By adding category features into the homepage and clarifying the navigation, users were less likely to feel lost when searching for products they wanted.

We also recommended featuring category-based sale banners and a focus on increasing newsletter sign-ups.

The Product Listing Page was updated to include a Quick View popup modal which displayed an abbreviated summary of the product and an inline carousel. This way users could maintain a listing of category products while also exploring more details about specific products they were interested in.

Users would be able to do multiple things at the same time now. They could explore all the products in the category which opened up their options, they could discover more about a product while adding it to their shopping cart, and they could easily filter their results for a more narrow listing.

Even if a user did not opt to explore more through the popup modal, they were able to get the most pertinent information available immediately which included a photo, pricing, sale/tagging options and a quick description.

Updates to the Product Description Page included more breathability between all of the components while adhering to the rules of a responsive mobile-first site. Font families were introduced that reflected an elegant minimalism which fed into their current branding, and Product Suggestions (filtered through specific trend-based algorithms) were added so that users could easily "shop the outfit".

The products listed in the "Similar Products" section also feature inline Quick View capabilities, just like in the Product Listing Page, which helped support the users' learned behavior.