Thrive Wellness iOS App - University of Texas, Austin

The Challenge:
Thrive is a free iPhone app designed to enhance UT Austin student well-being and help better manage the ups and downs of campus life. Students access short videos of actual UT Austin students sharing their own stories as well as interactive activities designed to help them apply these concepts to their own unique experience. The initial release was a success though even with extensive marketing pushes and social media viral efforts the engagement fell. Students were not accessing the app even though once they had downloaded it, they found it extremely useful and became engaged with all it had to offer. There was limited data and no prior survey data available besides a few positive reviews.

My Role in the project was to setup a survey for the student body. Then, a select few were engaged in a diary study to determine interactivity and sense of usefulness. Once the diary study was kicked off and initial survey results analyzed, it became apparent that the overall theme of the marketing materials needed to be matured. Along with reporting these results from the data, I built some suggested marketing materials that would simplify the message and appeal to the student body. Since there was already extensive brand identity done on the product and how it fed into the brand identity of UT, I made sure to create marketing materials that matched the current profile.


The Challenge:
Healthcode is a non-profit that hosts wellness events through corporate human resource wellness campaigns such as the Marathon in a Month, iResolve, and Triathlon in a Month. Their challenge was analyzing loss of consistent levels of engagement by their users and onboarding new employees into the program. The first step was to analyze the survey data which they had been collecting over the past years, determining if they were targeting the correct audience correctly, and offer a fresh branding perspective. A full heuristic evaluation was done followed by a competitive analysis.

My Role in the project was analyze the information architecture of the current website and iOS interactions, then offer updates to better organize their data. Once a new architecture map was developed, I put together user stories based on the data pulled from the prior surveys so that they knew exactly who their audience is and how to target them. Social media engagement and banner ad suggestions were offered as next steps.