I am A UX/UI Designer, Developer and Fine Artist

based in Austin, Texas

Thrive Wellness

Project Type: iOS Wellness App
Client: University of Texas - Austin
My role: Survey Data, User Interviews, Competitive Analysis, Usability Evaluation
Deliverables: Concept Art for Branding, Style Guide Color Profile

iOS App Critique and Suggestions: The client came to us to see how they could expand their outreach within the student population and increase continued engagement. They were limited on funds and needed an updated on a smaller scale, but still required an effective outreach. The initial step was a heuristic evaluation of the current app, noting the entire user journey and any inconsistencies in usability flow. After the evaluation was done, face-to-face and Skype interviews were done with a mixture of students who were initially screened via an online survey. It was reported that while they found the App effective in confronting their emotional wellness, the verbiage and iconography confused them. They also reported that once they had worked through the activities in the App there was no need to revisit because the content was static and not updated frequently. After working through the results a competitive analysis was done and branding options were developed with iterative testing done on the new designs and branding options.

A Color Profile for the Style Guide was generated

Promotional handout flyers were designed to help explain the goals of the App

Overall there was a positive response to the new creative which (after implementation) increased returning users.