I am A UX/UI Designer , Developer   and  Fine Artist

(yes - all three)

based in Austin, Texas


Project Type: Website
Client: Quick Build Team Project
My role: Survey Data, User Interviews, Competitive Analysis, Architecture, Content Blueprints, Low-Fi User Testing
Deliverables: Qualtrics Survey, In-Person Interviews, Architecture Evaluation, Branding Concept Art, InVision Interactivity

Facebook Photo Album

Project Type: Website Feature Critique
Client: Facebook
My role: Competitive Analysis, Architectural Critique
Deliverables: Architecture Evaluation, Marked-Up Redesign Suggestions

Kick Out The Jam

Project Type: iOS Multiplayer Music Game
Client: Game Jam Team Project
My role: Concept Art, Low-Fi Wireframes, Architecture, Mid-Fi Wireframes, Final JavaScript-based Deliverable
Deliverables: Sketches, Low and Mid-Fi Wireframes, Prototypes, Final Deliverable (Developed in JavaScript)

Thrive Wellness

Project Type: iOS Wellness App
Client: University of Texas - Austin
My role: Survey Data, User Interviews, Competitive Analysis, Usability Evaluation
Deliverables: Concept Art for Branding, Style Guide Color Profile