NYDJ: New Feature - Fit Tour Gallery
Photo-shoots were sponsored in multiple locations featuring mothers and daughters wearing the same pair of jeans. After the photo-shoots were done, the photos were polished and uploaded to a featured gallery on their website with social media sharing access for their user-base. The gallery needed to offer a location-based list of preview photo's that offered Social Media access, and when the user clicked on the photo they were able to access more photo's inside a modal popup - each with Social Media sharing. The client wanted to capture the excitement of the photo-shoot by randomly injecting quotes from the models. they kicked off a teaser-tour in San Diego, Minneapolis and New York. Since the site was already built and this project was to develop a new feature, the wire-frame stage was skipped and we went right to mocking up the comps. We had to keep in mind that they are a Bootstrap responsive-first e-commerce site and users had to be able to view on multiple types of devices. Desktop, Tablet Mobile comps were created.

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